Thursday, August 1, 2013

Exterior paint DONE!

 We just finished painting the exterior of our house ourselves.  It took us a week and a half, one tall ladder, a Jeep (to put the ladder in), about 20 gallons of paint, a paint sprayer, several rolls of painters tape, two paintbrushes and a lot of sweat!  We ended up using Sherwin William's paint, which we got on their 40% off sale for a great deal.  The body color is called Gray Matters, white trim is Snowbound and the accent teal is Mediterranean.
  Next on our to-do list is to rent an rototill machine to even out the ground so we can have the top soil delivered and spread out evenly.  Then we will build the fence around the property.  We have waited on that because we want the topsoil truck to be able to access the yard.
  We have some plans on improving the exterior, we are going to add a large pergola on the back patio and a small one in front of the garage door. I will add some sample pictures so you can see what I mean. :)
 We are done painting!

 The back patio, with my little garden on wildflowers and gladiolas off to the side. :)
This is my idea for the small pergola over our garage. Then I will plant a climbing flower like Clematis.
We are going to build a pergola attached to the house like this on our back patio, probably next summer.  I like the lights they hung for night time entertaining.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Moved in!!

Hello all! So, sorry it has been a month since I posted! In my defense it has been quite a busy and hectic month.
We moved into our beautiful new home on April 19th, right after the open house was over.  The house is just perfect, except that we still need to paint the exterior, which we are doing ourselves, and the landscaping.

We have been busy caulking the exterior cracks and crevices, to prepare for the paint.  Kevin decided that he would buy a sprayer and we will probably rent a genie lift to reach the high places.  A nearby neighbor inspired our color choice, every time I drove by his house I just loved it.  So one day I saw him out on his driveway and I pulled over and practically accosted the poor man.  I asked him the name and company he used. He was flattered that I liked the color so much and said I wasn't the first to ask him. It was Rodda paint but it was a custom color. Luckily, I was able to get the formula for his color and got a sample mixed up for me.  It is sort of a pale greenish/grey.  Hard to picture, so I will post a picture later on when the paint is finished.
The interior is all finished and perfect.  We are still unpacking and trying to decorate when we have time.  It is a slow process right now, between the kids, school and work.

Final thoughts on building our home:

Would we use Adair to build a house again? YES! The quality and low cost far exceeds any other builder in the area.  Adair was very attentive to our every question and concern, especially Johanna, Micah and Chris at the Medford office.  The appraisal for our home came in almost $100,000.00 more than what we paid for it!  Instant equity rocks!

Things we would do differently:

We would have saved more money for the homeowner to-do's.  The concrete and painting bids were much more than we anticipated.
We would have added the third car garage.
We would have added granite counter tops upstairs as well as downstairs.

Here are some pictures, my laptop has a virus so these are the only pictures I had on my camera. I will post more once things are more organized and decorated.

Thank you for following along on our home building journey!

 Living room.
 Dining room.
 Downstairs half bath.
 Downstairs office.
 Front entry.

 Upstairs spare room.
 Our youngest daughter's room.
Our eldest daughter's room, everything sure looks different with carpet.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Open House!

The concrete was finished today and the finish guy was hard at work today to finish up all the trim and little touches, the siders will be back tomorrow to wrap the front porch posts. We should be able to move in on Friday evening or Saturday as long as everything passes for the final inspection!!  We have already passed for water and electric. :)
 We hired John Scott and his sons to do our concrete.  They are great guys and did a wonderful job!! I HIGHLY recommend them!!

 The back patio, you can't tell from this picture but they checker boarded the squares when they broomed it. It looks great!
 We added a turn around off to the right.

We put all of our hand prints into the driveway. <3

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Our kitchen and downstairs half bath granite were installed, and they are absolutely beautiful!  Now Kevin and I are regretting not getting them upstairs as well.  I highly recommend you go to Granite Mafia/Cornerstone Counter tops, if you are in southern Oregon. They did a beautiful job at a reasonable price!
As far as the rest of the house goes, the vinyl floors are in, most of the trim work is done, electrical and plumbing are finished.  The flooring guy still hasn't installed the laminate and carpet, not sure what's taking so long... We had a painter lined up and the day before he was going to start painting he power washed the house then called me and said he wanted $1,000.00 more than what he bid me, stating he accidentally gave me winter rates instead of summer rates(even though it's April and not summer).  He wouldn't honor his original bid, so we decided to go with another painter.  Unfortunately the house won't be painted now for a couple of months.  But before the original painter left our house he dumped his garbage on our front yard, gee thanks buddy! So, needless to say I DON'T recommend 'That Cheap Painter' in Medford!
As far as the driveway goes, we hired John Scott and he and his sons were busy putting up the forms for the driveway, front porch, side steps, and back patio on Friday.  They will be out pouring the concrete on Monday and Tuesday.  I'm excited to see the end result next week. 
Now for some pictures...and just a note these were taken before the light fixtures were installed.

 The laundry room.
 The master bath.

Our turkey friends were back and gobbling at us. :)
 And just for giggles, the rudeness of the painter!
Proof that he left it, you can see his business name on the bucket! Bad business dude, bad business.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Almost there!

The house is scheduled to be finished by the end of next week! I think it will be the week after that actually because the concrete guy won't begin until Wednesday.  The painter is booked up until the week after next, but he is making a special trip out to the house next week to do the caulking so the house can pass inspection.  The flooring was started this week but it was stalled due to some faulty pieces of laminate that needed to be replaced. So, the flooring will be completed next week.  The granite countertops are being installed tomorrow, and I am really excited to see them!  The electrician and plumber will also be out at the house next week, doing all of their finish work. 
I cannot tell you how excited we are to finally get to move into our HOME!  Throughout this whole process everyone at the Medford Adair office have been so helpful and patient with us. They have spent literally hours upon hours on the phone with us, answering every silly little question I could come up with and some big ones too.  Now here we are 2 years and 3 months after we bought our lot, finally nearing completion. Kevin and I are so HAPPY! :)

The beginning of the downstairs laminate wood flooring going in. It's a new color called Ashville Hickory.....LOVE IT!!

The vinyl florring was installed.

Laundry room.

Master bath.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Coming together now...

Here's a little peek at what has been going on this week.  The finish guy has been at the house everyday working on the cupboards, subflooring, trim and doors.The flooring guys will be out there next to install the carpet, vinyl and wood.  We have also begun getting the driveway pour scheduled.  We have some great ideas for the front entry and back patio.
Our finish truck was unloaded. Here's the trim, closet shelving, carpet pad and carpet.
The cupboards!

Here's the new tile backsplash I found and fell in love with! Along with a sample of our granite counters.  The granite guys are coming tomorrow to take the measurements for it.
Downstairs half bath.
 Hall bath.
 Master bath.
The laundry room!

 Our daughter's room seemed to need a little something more, so I stenciled butterflies and flowers onto her wall, they will match her duvet cover. :)
Some trim in the upstairs hall.